Breaking Bad: Shirley..

…we’ve all had this feeling before?  If you see the previous interaction between these 2, one will better understand exactly why he felt like this was necessary.. Breaking Bad: a new show I’ve recently gotten into, and this scene just makes me l-o-l!  Try it on for size:

Key to Life

Loved the message of the above picture; it is one that I took of wall-pasted posters for the movie Coraline, before I even realized it was for that 🙂

Peek the trailer for it below:

Flicks: The Red Violin

Il Violin Rosso :: Die Rote Geige :: Le Violon Rouge
The Red Violin

Ever since high school, when one of the contestants for the “Miss DHS” title played the most amazing violin solo I’ve ever heard live, I have loved the violin.  Have yet still to take lessons and learn this magnificent instrument (I am holding myself to it), this movie does it justice.  I love it for the journey it undergoes  through different countries, and the story behind it – for the ladies, it has love.  For the guys… well, Samuel Jackson is in it!  I would recommend it 🙂

Peek it here:

Flicks: God Grew Tired of Us

A Nat Geo documentary that really puts into perspective what some people must do in order to have the lives we do here in the states.  Narrated by Nicole Kidman, it is the journey a few young men who travel from Sudan in order to pursue a life in the US – their trials and tribulations are seemingly expansive and never-ending…. very inspiring and definitely recommended.

Take a peek:

Also check out the official site for more info (click image below):

Flicks: Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight


form & light

[in]form & [de]light

To Inform & Delight

Wow!  This was a good one; I was a little hesitant at first, but wow, it jumped in and ran like a super-fun roller coaster.  If you’d like a great documentary on the story behind the man who created the I heart NY “logo” (and who never made a dime off it!), or if you just want an easy, feel-good as well as inspirational flick, watch this – you will enjoy it 🙂

Take a peek:

And if I may also direct you here for:

an article about the movie  [click here]

milton glaser 10 things I’ve learned  [click here]

Flicks: WasteLand

Recently saw this one…  very interesting things about Rio Dijo I really didn’t know (recommendable):

To see more of how Vik Muniz combined a few people, a lotta trash, and his artistic talents in works of art displayed around the world, click the images below:

If you like, watch the trailer here:

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