That time, on the river




Current music:  Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

This song reminds me of so many things…..(in this order):

-Prepping for Love Parade in Berlin; both years I went: with my mom’s friend and with my best friend stateside
-Walking down the hallway of the Social in downtown Orlando
-Arriving to visit my friend in NY
-Dancing down the safe, quiet allies of Munich
-Barhopping through the streets of rainy SF
-Driving through the well-lit tunnels of Munich & Hungary – each leading to their own amazing & unique destinations.
-Dancing through dark Barcelona alleyways, finding a Picasso museum to wander thru
Playing hookie in the Ibiza airport on the baggage cart w/ my best friend, almost missing our flight back to Germany… we got evil eyes for that one when we boarded the plane lol!

Love the adventures this video reminds me of, and also of their value; they are priceless… and looking forward to many many more : )


What an amazing person, please click here to read about his contributions to the music world, as well as the entire world.  He will be missed:


The beautiful weather here reminds me of the time I spent in Long Beach, California, a couple years back.


It’s that time again…  for the week-long Winter Music Conference in Miami.  This was the first time I went (back in ’09), and it was one of the most fun weeks I’ve ever had.  The weather, the rooftop pool parties, the beach, the sun, the house music, the great vibes, the ocean, the dancing, the friends… from the Versace house on Ocean Drive to Space in downtown,  it just doesn’t get better!   I’ll be fortunate enough to enjoy at least a few days of this always anticipated and exciting event this coming weekend : )

O-ma :*)

As I’m building the blog for my family (mainly for those who are overseas and so rarely get an insight into the world we have here), I came across this picture I have of my grandmother (mom’s side).  In Hungarian, as well as German, “grandmother” is commonly referred to as “oma.”  She has since passed away, about 7 yrs ago, but this is precisely how I remember her.  I recall being very afraid of her when we would go back to Hungary to visit, simply bc she  was always saying we should eat eat EAT!!!! and then go to bed “AZONNAL” (immediately!).   But as I grew older and more able to understand her and communicate with her, she was such a great, funny, spunky person!  She also told us this old wives tale about spiders falling into our eyes if we didn’t close them once we were in bed…. –perhaps that’s why I’m not so fond of the 8-legged creatures…  it was a long time ago, I’d like to think that didn’t scar me to this day lol!

We had a joke about chocolate once, and how this one certain brand of chocolate (not Milka) had a really silky-like texture for the dark chocolate they made, and in Hungarian, this word was selymes (pronounced shay-mesh).. so anytime we would have a piece, we would become more “silky smooth…”  she was a riot.  I loved her, and she was the only grandparent I ever really was able to get to know before passing, and the only one of my friends who ever got to actually meet her (I didn’t say understand her, just meet) was my best friend Mike when we went for a 6-week tour d’Europe (who they happily nicknamed “Mishi“).  As I came across this picture and breathed a small sigh of teary-eyed reminiscence (Lord knows exactly when this picture was taken..  early ’90’s if not before?), I realize she was eating the same brand of German chocolate that I so love to this day!

For the longest, Milka chocolate was not sold here in the states, so when my uncle would come to visit (from my dad’s side), we would always be super excited to get the chooocoooolaaaate lol!  He brought some just this past January, and as per the usual, it was quickly gone  : 9  Must run in the bloodline, apparently.  The picture is of my Oma and that same familiar purple chocolate wrapper that could only mean Milka, and the other is of the yumminess that my uncle brought; some things just don’t change.  Of course, these days I’m very happy to see him and hear his stories over await the chocolate he may bring, that’s just an added bonus :*)

*oh and “Alles Liebe” literally means “all love” in German, but more-so means “all my love.”  How apropo;

Oma, this one is most definitely for you, “sok, sok Szeretettel” ❤

No horsing around!

Ok, I will simply have to say that having a pet goat was one of the most intriguing experiences of my life so far…  lol!  I’ve traveled, seen, heard, tasted, experienced many things..  and he was simply a ton of fun; a barrel of laughs, sweet, friendly (except maybe when Suzie tried to herd him o lord), and a great $75 investment.

It was a friend who inspired the whole thing, with her babysitting one for a friend of hers and living in a gated community and all…  I figured it would be a bit safer/easier than getting a dog (which I presumed would be more of a responsibility at the time when I could only be at home so much).  I mean hey, she told me all about how she had him on a runner in the backyard, and how he was a hoot –that’s all I needed to hear, seeing as we had an acre lot with a privacy fence (hence, no runner necessary), and the fun part would be perfect!

Well, I didn’t know what I was in for…..   These photos chronical a very few adventures shared by all with him in his first little while with me..  and I think the rest of the photos (and videos) have been lost in history –but not forgotten ❤

First off, I lived rurally.  Kinda.  –Let’s just say the area wasn’t exactly “zoned” for farm animals.., I had not the first clue about goats: their lifespan (apprx 15 yrs), their upkeep (minimal), their … anything! nor where to go about obtaining one (Google, apparently!), what kind would be a good “pet” size (pygmy is better, found this out after the fact..), etc etc.  Basically all I knew is that they ate grass (right??), needed water and some form of shelter.  We built a small house with a shingle roof (fancy lol!) and googled a farm to find a goat.  Got the farmer on the phone (he was a boar goat farmer, –those are large white “meat” goats), and he looked at me like I had 3 heads when I told him what I was wanting a goat for… “goats aren’t pets,” he said (with his southern accent), “they ain’t got no personalities..” (when I told him about my friend having one)…

His first night home (“mom” was at work), and the roommates decided to welcome him, warmly –and I’m still not sure I forgive them, years later!  Oh, and the best part?  Well that was when the method of my exposure to this photo was by them hacking my computer and setting it as my desktop….! :

But on a more serious note, he grew on us all.. (this first one was my best “omg-I-love-him-he’s-so-cute-what-the-hell-was-I-thinking-getting-a-goat-what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-him?!” smile) :


…he especially grew on me  :*)  His name “Spike” stuck, though it started as a joke.

He even met Maverick, our resident pooch (and promptly scared the bejeezus out of him by stomping and butting him –even prior to his having any horns!  Poor Mavy) :

I took him to my parent’s house for holidays (this was one Thanksgiving after a hurricane took out a tree in the front yard..).  Had to tie him to a tree out front –wasn’t really sure where else to “put” him lol!  The rope weighed more than he did, and he “baAaaa’d” in protest the entire way through dinner about being left alone in a strange place.. not to mention the neighbors driving by weren’t quite sure what to make of this strange-looking… and strange sounding … dog?…


He was mischievous, and he knew when he was busted.  Not that he cared, he just realized that I knew what he was up to, then continued to do it (punk!)..  this was me asking from my bedroom window for him to simply behave:

But mostly he chilled, whether I was outside with him getting sun or planting flowers or something of the sort, to when I allowed him inside once in a while, while I worked on a drafting project for school (using my slippers as a bed..) :


… and then of course we always enjoyed Christmas 🙂  He was a great sport about his lil santa hat, and showed it off proudly, from the kitchen to prancing around from sofa to sofa!   We actually had to stop him from eating the Christmas tree, apparently he thought it was quite tasty.  He was also a great lil helper while we hung lights 🙂

Merry Christmas!  *<|:)

**Some info “for the record:”
Spike was a nigerian dwarf goat, who did not eat tin cans contrary to what many people think of goats; he was a very finicky eater (no veggies even!) who loved his timothy hay and sweet feed.  I was completely mistaken that he would require less attention than a dog (it’s equal..), he always had a clean & shiny coat -without regular baths or any grooming on my part, no fleas -without treatment of any sort (the occasional tick and/or bee sting, given he got into brush an stuff).  He was able to swim (we had a pool and well, I got curious…), he absolutely loved to jump on anything – from anything, including our patio furniture, tree stumps, on the pool steps when we drained it for maintenance, and simply into the air when there was nothing else!  He followed, sometimes ran after the occasional jogger –oops!, and he learned not to eat mom’s flowers from the front yard flower bed.  He was an amazing little life who was loved so very much ❤

…and for the record, they have A-mazing personalities and make a great pet!

Good friends, good times

Wow, this was dug out of the archives for sure:  This is for Jeremiah and his reflective silver spacesuit & never-ending energy, Kareem with his fuzzy visor, Josh who hardly spoke, and the random guy on the end, also for Sab and Andrew, who I never in a million expected to see there.  We were kids on the playground of life, all with love in our hearts (hence why we are all still friends to this day, 11 yrs later), and now?…  well, we are supposed to be grown-ups, no?  Are we?..  We’ve found something, if not adulthood (lol) – few of us back to school, while others are engaged, preacher, and not sure what became of the random guy on the end.

Here’s to good times with great ppl – it’s fun to reflect on them both 🙂

Spotted!: (Or striped..)

Feeding frenzy….

While this cub, as well as the other few I had the chance to play with, may be cute and cuddly sweet-looking, they were nothing but killers on the inside.  My friends and I were warned of the potential dangers of the lil ones sneaking up and attacking our neck from behind; yikes!  They’re quite strong and definitely dangerous – nothing as I had imagined them to be while watching tv..  :*)  I’m very glad I got this opportunity to ride an airboat, watch our “tourguide” snatch a gator from the water with his bare hands, and to be able to appreciate these creatures for what they really are: beautiful and wild.

Under the Sea

On my quest hopping from thrift store to thrift store in search of Halloween gear, I came across this guy.  It brought a smile to my face, as he was my scuba instructor many years back 🙂  He moved his store location, and I never really did know where he went, and then this!  It always was quite difficult to miss his huge red truck driving around.  Very interesting fellow who loves his 2 corgis, he was a great teacher, and he definitely knows his stuff.  I highly recommend him if you are looking to get certified (in this area, anyways).  Oh, and I haven’t mentioned his name because I simply cannot recall it – although I never really could when I was in class either, I defaulted to calling him Scuba Steve…

I have to laugh a bit and recount a story while in his class so maybe you can giggle a bit as well:

At the point where we were ready to begin practicing in the pool with gear, we had to get weighted up (literally adding weights in your suit for buoyancy purposes…).  The tanks are not light.  I was all geared up and ready, save for one small adjustment on my fin…. and in my attempt to make it, I toppled onto my back –and couldn’t get up.  Surely you’ve seen a turtle stuck on it’s back?  While some of the other members of the group got a good laugh, one of them did eventually help me up!  Important lesson learned….!  : D

Click here (or the image) to visit the Scuba Diversions site

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