Stop the Thought

…and they all fall down.

Through Chaplin Lips

The text to accompany this YouTube video:  In 1940, a movie was released starring Charlie Chaplin (who also wrote the piece) about a poor Jewish barber who is mistaken for a dictator of a similar appearance and takes his place. In his rejection of the position he ends up giving one of the most inspirational speeches ever recorded.

We The People…



I found this video of theirs to be of particular interest, given the current situation and actual facts.

Because some do not fully understand, I’ll link to this article here,
and include this one as well.

And because I believe in humor, I will also share this article….  which in reality isn’t really all that funny as much as it is saddening.  Of course, this is only the tip of an iceberg – I encourage any and everyone to read.  Find the sources that are reliable, and read.


Just…… lol  – but I did it!

Step 2:  Keep watching.  I dare you!

continuing to LOL…


Butt Seriously. Moms.

Because moms.

Laugh, Stupid!

Let’s all do this together:

Back to Front

As I sit brainstorming and working in this so-labelled dreary “polar-vortex” weather, I have TEDTalks running in the background.  This one in particular by Stefan Sagmeister steadily gained all of my attention.  Very interesting how he runs his business, and I also enjoy/agree with his view on integrating retirement years into working years.  Click the image below to watch, or listen, and perhaps gain some inspiration as I did.

Stefan Sagmeister

Well, this:





And I’m a little sorry about this next image (fasten your seatbelt.)  –I did make sure to decrease it’s size so it’s effects are a bit more minimal?  :


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