Oh my word!


Either this Mother Goose books illustrator has an interesting sense of humor, or this truly is what bunny ears look like.

All I can say is that I’ve seen a pair of bunny ears before…. and somehow this pair slipped through everyone’s fingers:

No argument.

My man has one, and made me want it -it’s quite large, a bit awkward in handling.


(Photo courtesy of the George Takei Facebook Page, inappropriate pun courtesy of me.)

Well, this:



How Charming

Prince Charming

Can you find the vinyl crotchless undies in this picture?  I certainly couldn’t, until my man pointed it out to me (and warning: once you see it, it cannot be “un”- seen).  What originally began as a compliment for him turned into awesome offbeat humor.  No wonder he has that smile on his face… this certainly explains quite a bit about the “Prince Charmings” of days of yore.  Enjoy!

Let’s not forget humour!

Click here to see the 25 worst acronyms in the world….  and for a good laugh!

Cats!: Uh, Waiter?

… …there appears to be a cat hair… or two… in my water…

Stop. Drop. and lol!

I can relate…  but I’d rather not.

Where there is a dog in the pool…

..surely there is a cat on the screen (shananigans at my brother’s house lol) :

Ze Donk!

got a giggle outta this….  I was on Dictionary.com looking up “gey” after a friend played it in Words With Friends, and this lil “ad” was interjected in the definition:

*hint: it’s not a punctuation mark…..


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