No Idea…

… Ay, I’m only beginning to “get it!”- with only one, I can halfway understand where she is coming from:

Love that she has the ability to raise these children, make these ridiculously hilarious parodies, and gets the support she needs through it all   🙂

…and the housework… !  lol! *making note: no pets

and and and.  This woman is enviable 🙂  …. one more –and so many more I won’t post… but check her out! :

Nonchalant Night Owls

Saw this (public) description for a mattress …  ok then!


No argument.

My man has one, and made me want it -it’s quite large, a bit awkward in handling.


(Photo courtesy of the George Takei Facebook Page, inappropriate pun courtesy of me.)

Let’s not forget humour!

Click here to see the 25 worst acronyms in the world….  and for a good laugh!

Yes but No


Gotta love yes- but no!


Stop. Drop. and lol!

I can relate…  but I’d rather not.

The perfect mix, everytime.

Irony, cubed

The Batty Family

Looks like Ms. Batman has some ‘splaining to do…

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