Fire on Ice



Wine Country

Last Drop


I had to tell someone!

Lonliness Illustrated

Very interesting short video by Shimi Cohen regarding human social nature : )

Ate at Joe’s!



Catch em, if you can!

The League Crew

If you are into witty comedy, check out this show – it’s bound to have something for everyone.  I’ve recently seen a couple of episodes and they’ve certainly kept me laughing!

The League

Christmas in FL

A relaxing little shindig my friend had this past Christmas : )



Spotted!: Redlight Redlight

Stop. Drop. and lol!

I can relate…  but I’d rather not.

Kris… Rocks!

So glad this woman also entered my life a few years ago…  what a trip it has been!

World, Kristin..  Kristin, World:

This girl has shown me strength, courage and willpower like none other.  Having the most down-to-earth personality that I can find amongst my friends, she is always wonderful company!  We’ve shared quite a few exciting experiences over the course of our friendship – from transforming into peacocks for halloween to taking our first (but not last) skydiving trip, sharin’ a hookah, and letting me have my way with her as a model, putting her in rather odd and precarious spots (and she really does go “out on a limb” for this – haha..!), all in my attempt to learn more about photographing the human figure, we’ve definitely had a lot of fun, with lots more to come.  Above, one of the pictures from our first shoot – she allowed me to paint her hair to pop for the shoot, as she had the “om” symbol cut into it.  Below a close-up of the finished product, and under that is her newest design.  : )    Kris most definitely rocks!

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