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I told a Horse a Joke

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A friend of mine’s horse, (insert forgotten name here), surprised me when he was the one who made ME laugh!  I can honestly say it’s been a long minute since I’ve gotten a laugh “straight from the horse’s mouth.”

Fiery Sky



Unlikely Beauty

Unlikely Beauty

This was a tree given to me by a friend (that was grown from a seed), and it was just this wispy little thing for the longest time– didn’t think it would amount to much and then one day, years later (and after a second transplant – fortunately no “root shock” to report lol), this sprouted from it.  Took this shot in the dark of night, with my iPhone camera and an LED light; accidentally turned out beautifully:  Perseverance.

The Rarest Kind


That time, on the river



That’s Rad!

Here is the exact part of Germany that I hail from, and this is such a cute short vid to show it off a little bit (from a real-life person’s view)




Birds of a Feather

Bird of Paradise


Spotted!: In some sun, son

… something about the sun…  that makes me melt.  mMmmm

Sun, son

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