So here I attempt to share any kind of media outlet that I have found amusing, entertaining and anything else of the sort.  Keep in mind that not all content is suitable for little ones, and not all content is non-potentially-offensive – consider yourself warned.  I’ll be updating more of each as I see or read them, and with time of course.  Hopefully there’s enough to get you started for now 🙂


Here,  videos I’ve found particularly entertaining.
Some may be offensive – nothing meant,
and please do not take anything personally, it’s all in fun  🙂


La Musica
Music is always(!) a must.
Bear with my growing pains of trying to present this section in a user-friendly manner…
I use Spotify for music lookup (they offer various inexpensive “plans” to cut out any ads and to offer functionality on smartphones), so I will be posting songs thru them..  maybe some youtubes.
I enjoy di.fm  — although you cannot do a single track lookup, they have plenty of stations to stream when you just need something low-maintenance (also available free for androiders!)


Love movies: late nite, rainy days, days off..
whenever there’s time, really.
..I should go watch one right now 🙂



Love to bury my nose in an interesting book…
my reading tastes are quite varied, as I like to expand my knowledge on anything really.


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