I really enjoy photography…

I try not to let my “photographic eye” overshadow reality, but rather to enhance things we may have otherwise overlooked.  There is beauty all around us, no matter where we are..  and my aim through my photographs is to introduce everyone to that concept.

I also like to speak through photos, so I will indicate where the pictures were taken, but I leave it pretty much at that – I like to let ppl enjoy what they are seeing, rather than be wordy about it.  That said, if you’d like more info on a particular shot, I will gladly tell more about it if you’d like more  🙂

These are some samples of my pics, Click them to see more of them in that category:



If you’d like to see ALL, then click >here<

Oh and PS:  If you see the entries w/ “tteo,” that means it is “through the eyes of” –photos taken by friends  🙂


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