Bangkok: tteo Dr. Pokoly



…ain’t lyin’

I got this image from my friends pictures, but I’m not 100% if he was the actual photographer.

Give any idiot a gun, and they can kill an animal.


Restaurant: tteo my brother


Quite randomly I receive emails from my brother with pictures he’s taken of places he comes across.  Some are a little more interesting and welcoming than others (lol), and this happens to be one of them.  I’m not sure where in FL this is, but really enjoy the nature of it all:

Heavenly ceiling: tteo “Tumbling Reality”

I’ve always loved the inside of a grandiose old church… there’s no way to describe the sense of awe as you stare upwards into towering arches, beautifully stained glass windows, taller-than-life columns, the intricate details –not to mention the atmosphere that surrounds you in the place of worship.  I stumbled across this blogger’s entry and simply love it 🙂 :



The Spear Life

An amazingly talented individual, Andrew Spear is within my circle of friends. Love his work, and it can be spotted in a dimly lit bar/lounge all the way to the cover of the Orlando Weekly..

This first pic is of his mural at the Peacock Room in Orlando (b4 I even realized it was his mural, it’s simply awesome), and most recently he drew the cover for this week’s Orlando Weekly remembering “People Who Died:”

Click here to see the Spear Life…

 and here on the FB

Copenhagen: tteo Dr. P

tteo: Lani Sammons

🙂   Lani and her family travel all over the place, and they join up where possible and have some fun adventures.  She always gives great descriptions so we know where we are, and her pics make you feel like you are actually there as well- Thanks for all of the amazing pics you share Lani!

Here are some of her pictures of Seattle, Colorado, and Hawai’i:

tteo: Eric Yeh

Eric has definitely been an inspiration in photography!  Here, I share a a link if you’d like out check out more (which I highly recommend), and a very small taste of his photographic talent at the 2011 Anime Expo:

Check out his Portfolio by clicking here

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Innsbruck: tteo “Dr. Pokoly”

So a friend of mine live in Hungary with his girl, and they travel to some awesome places that I may or may not have been before, and they take amazing pictures.  I told him I was going to share some of their pictures with the rest of the world and he said ok.  They are beautiful, and definitely inspirational!  Henceforth I shall refer to him as “Dr. P.” –b/c I’ll be sharing others as well 🙂

Oh, and he labelled them as well, so we know what the heck we are lookin at.  Shout out!

Without further ado, Dr. Pokoly’s (awesome) photos of Innsbruck, Germany:

Peep the present

Peep the past