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A while back, I may have posted a link along the lines of some silly quiz to take… but I know it wasn’t this one:

What Is Your True Color Aura?

And then this:

Blank Canvas



Walking with my fiancé



A light show here in downtown on the KRESS building..  I caught it w/ my phone, it was really pretty cool : )

Click here to watch the vid:  3D Light Projection  (and yes, Mel, that was you chiming in with your “where are you?” text lol!)

Burned-out Smiled

As I finished finals, I am burned-out, but smiling.  Here is an artist that came across my way, Berndnaut Smilde, a cloud-creator, rainbow-maker of the real-ist kind (click the pic):

Be sure to check out the “installation” that was done in Ireland (should be #11 under his works category); I love it for being in two places at one time…. “spaces that exist to be in between” : )

Fang Ling Lee

Amazing artist:

A little perspective

Look up, look down, look all-around…  but keep your eyes on what’s most important.

Pic 1 was in Vegas at a Chihuly exhibit, the 2nd at my friend’s former Bronx apartment, the 3rd is San Fran, the 4th crossed my path on Facebook, and the heart was art from a museum also in SF : )

The Spear Life

An amazingly talented individual, Andrew Spear is within my circle of friends. Love his work, and it can be spotted in a dimly lit bar/lounge all the way to the cover of the Orlando Weekly..

This first pic is of his mural at the Peacock Room in Orlando (b4 I even realized it was his mural, it’s simply awesome), and most recently he drew the cover for this week’s Orlando Weekly remembering “People Who Died:”

Click here to see the Spear Life…

 and here on the FB

Peep the present

Peep the past