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Whoa, What?!

My credit for this guy is a bit overdue (since the article was posted in April 2014).  This man is beyond an inspiration; he undertook something he knew absolutely nothing about and revolutionized a product for women in dire need.  To be as determined and diligent as he was in this, “he nearly lost his family, his money and his place in society.”

I cannot speak for us all, but I’d say it’s a mighty fine day when a man (your own husband, nonetheless) is willing to go to these lengths to improve your life and health, and ends up a revolutionary.  I have to add that since he is uneducated, “He says he is not working brain to brain but heart to heart.”  Pure Awesome.


(Goes far beyond picking up tampons at the store for your lady, no?)

HOTT. Well, not.

‘ts why I always take my coffee on ice thank you 🙂

No Idea…

… Ay, I’m only beginning to “get it!”- with only one, I can halfway understand where she is coming from:

Love that she has the ability to raise these children, make these ridiculously hilarious parodies, and gets the support she needs through it all   🙂

…and the housework… !  lol! *making note: no pets

and and and.  This woman is enviable 🙂  …. one more –and so many more I won’t post… but check her out! :

Aging Gracefully

Well, I tried to embed the video (no, no, not like that!) and it didn’t work out.. despite it showing up in edit mode…  it’s too late an hour to fiddle with it further.   Just click the link:


Parts Left Over

Usually when I’ve assembled IKEA furniture I’ve only had the ‘normal’ amount of spare parts left over.  Not sure if this bed is IKEA, but the parts left over are a bit excessive, though that’s just my opinion.  Hope his dad survives!


Just…… lol  – but I did it!

Step 2:  Keep watching.  I dare you!

continuing to LOL…


Every dog has it’s day

This is somewhat random, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to gross everyone else out as much as I was by not only the thumbnail of this video, but the content within it. …and I’ve been known to eat one now and then.

I especially enjoyed Paula’s enthusiasm in handling “meat” all day!

(And I’m only slightly apologetic for sharing this… lol)


When you have the talent, and the right complements to that talent, amazing things are born.. the haters?  Ignored by default.




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