I’m glad I don’t have a center console lol
She is fucking hilarious

Lie Down…


… and look UP once in a while.
Realize how small you really are, and how large of a difference you really can make.

Happy New Year ­čÖé

Fiery Sky



The Rarest Kind

T for Terror, T for Threat.


With this type of “forward” movement, we will indeed┬áneed to “Make America Great Again.”


That time, on the river



Parts Left Over

Usually when I’ve assembled IKEA furniture I’ve only had the ‘normal’ amount of spare parts left over. ┬áNot sure if this bed is IKEA, but the parts left over are┬áa bit excessive, though that’s just my opinion. ┬áHope his dad survives!


Oh Balls.

Imagine coming home to *this*….. ┬áLOL!

Back to Front

As I sit brainstorming and working in this so-labelled dreary “polar-vortex” weather, I have TEDTalks running in the background. ┬áThis one in particular by Stefan Sagmeister steadily gained all of my attention. ┬áVery interesting how he runs his business, and I also enjoy/agree with his view on integrating retirement years into working years. ┬áClick the image below to watch, or listen, and perhaps gain some inspiration as I did.

Stefan Sagmeister

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