Love to travel.  Period!

I think I was born with the travel bug, but maybe it has something to do with having moved from another country?  Regardless, I find it exhilarating and fascinating, as well as enriching to go to other worlds.  I’ve learned so much from simply being in a different environment, and I would highly recommend any type of travel to anyone.  Seeing the history behind some of the oldest standing countries is priceless, and here I will attempt to share them with you.  I am very much looking forward to traveling once again after I finish my degree, to more new places, and also some of the familiar ones.  Below I have indicated the country I was in, and labeled (with dots) so you can get an at-a-glance idea of where these places are.  You can click on the map itself to see all of the pictures from that country, or click on the specific city name to see just that city, OR you can click —>[here]<— to view all I have posted so far, within the states, as well as internationally.

Enjoy  🙂


I was in Germany a few years back, visiting family and such…  This was not my only Germany excursion, I’ll be updating w/ more pics as I find them.  I traveled each of these places either with family, friends, or with new acquaintances …  Berlin is my top pic for cities, and Bad Reichenhall, my hometown near Salzburg, nestled in the Alps is my favorite for mountain hiking and scenery.  It’s breathtaking.
Bad Reichenhall


Got to see a lot of Barcelona, by way of a McDonald’s tourist map lol!  It didn’t matter though, it pointed out the main attractions that I got to see, and wouldn’t mind going back for more (sights that is, not McDonald’s…).  On a separate occasion, my best friend and I stumbled upon some very inexpensive round-trip fare to go out to Ibiza for fifteen days, and wOw what a beautiful lil island!!  Friendly people there as well, and major parties (of which we went sparingly to since they were also quite costly).  Perfect and clear ocean   waters, beautiful sand… it really was a taste of paradise. Barcelona


While I hear that Rome was not built in a day, I sure felt like I saw it in one!  I was there for a mere four days, two of which were rained out, the other two were spent eating and sightseeing – by foot of course.  Covering a route from the Pantheon to St. Peter’s Basilica & the Sistine Chapel to the Colosseum, I have a more detailed map in that section to give an idea of exactly how far the “Tour de Roma” spanned.


My  other “home” – always love visiting, hearing my native Hungarian language is such a relief to the ears, even after living in the states for so long.  The people are friendly and kind, and not to mention really really good-looking  🙂  The city has such beautiful history along the Danube and outwards, and of course such natural beauty as well.

(Pictures to follow)


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