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Spotted!: Having a Merry Kissmas

Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday  *^^*

Smile, or Kiss?  Both is best

Smile, or Kiss? Both is best

Spotted!: Falling into FLA

Ok, so it has been a minute (or 2…) since my last post, apologies for the mia status : )  It will be this way for another bit – at least until school is over for this semester.

Meanwhile, skydive no. 2 took place last weekend at Skydive Palatka, and it was even more of a blast than the first time (although the two should really not be compared).  I was fortunate in many ways, as I was able to go with my good friend Kristin again, and this time my other half joined too.  Jumping with friends is really the most best!  After our minute-long free fall, during which my attention was promptly directed to the horizon, we 3 (6, including our tandems) all met up mid-air again for the chute down.  It was nothing short of amazing, and I didn’t realize just how wide the smile on my face was.  Below, Kristin & Cathy on their mean machines… because let’s face it, girls just wanna have fun.

Spotted!: Redlight Redlight

Spotted!: Biking ’round town

Went biking to downtown DeLand not long ago, where we encountered a music festival (which meant lots of people to duck & dive btwn!).  It was a gorgeous evening, and we rode apprx 20mi round-trip;  perfect FL weather simply had to be taken advantage of : )

Spotted!: Green Light District

Spotted!: Summer’s comin….. : D


Thanks to Marcus for these awesome shots, and to FL for the beautiful natural backdrop (Lake Monroe).  This shoot was definitely overdue; these were our peacock costumes for Halloween : )

Spotted!: Taking the plunge


This was such an exhilarating experience!!!  : D

There’s really not a whole lot that I can say that isn’t truly best summed up by these pictures.  I am super super glad to have experienced this with a really dear friend  of mine, Kristin:  She’s totally hardcore like that!  Thanks be to Kris – can’t wait to see you on your bike – photo shoot?  : )  (And thanks for making this adventure look so glamorous!!) xo

Oh and yes, I should also clarify here that Jairo is first a Surgical Neurophysiologist (say wha…?), then a skydiving instructor/etc.

Jairo had a wrist-cam..  there is one pic where I spot Kristin after we opened chutes, and we cruised over bumping chutes.. (looks like they are sitting on our shoulder in one of the pics – look out for it hehe)  I never really thought that was possible, nor had I given any thought to what it would be like holding a conversation at a bit  under 13,500′ with a friend –and yes, it’s pretty f’ing awesome.  Got to steer the chute.. woOohoo

The diver you will come up on in the blue “squirrel suit” is otherwise a helicopter pilot for the Navy..?  (some Gov’t line of work).  The speed these guys fly in at when landing is insane..  super fun to watch in the sky!

The woman behind the desk “listening” to the mannequin, she was my photographer (in the red suit : )  )  Great respect and many thanks to the entire team at Skydive Palatka, they truly made the experience all it could be; and never once was I afraid for my safety.

I took a few other pictures (some with the camera ph) while we waited to see them do their dusk dive (“X” marks the spot!) – so here is the whole adventure:

Oh, and as far as recommending it?  I definitely do, if you’re into that kinda thing ; )

**And yes, we have jump no. 2 in the works.

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