A spontaneous, adventurous day with a very talented photographer, Marcus Adkins; started out at Wekiwa Springs Park, headed downtown for some lunch at Viet Garden, then ended the day running into a well-known O-town graffiti artist at work, Dolla Short.. got pics of all but lunch (was too hungry to snap a shot of it b4 it was long gone! ps- their beef pho is amazing…. Among the best I’ve had from here to ‘frisco.. and I don’t mess around when it comes to the pho)

Sucked into the outdoors

After lunch with a friend yesterday, I got highly distracted on the way home.. so much so that I once again ended up stopping to enjoy the natural beauty of this place called FL.  It is especially amazing in winter since the temperature usually levels out at about a perfect 70* –with no humidity.  So very fortunate to have the ability and freedom of spontaneity to do just this.  Here, some of the spectacular views in Winter Park, FL:

Duck!– it’s an orchid :)

Stopped by my parent’s house as the sun was beginning to set, I saw the purple orchid from a year prior who was in full bloom once again!  Gorgeous, and it led to this fast phone photo shoot of her and a few neighboring naturals  (the tree was the tree we climbed in our childhood, many fond memories w/ it).

Spotted!: Gazing away…

Gazing ball fun 🙂

Spotted: world mappin’ w/ Mishi

Traveled with my best friend Mike for  an amazing 6 weeks in Europe quite a few years back to visit my fam.  Here are some (very) quick highlights..

Here we are at the Orlando International Airport, waving our goodbyes – I still couldn’t believe someone I actually knew was going to see the rest of my fam, and experience Europe for the first time!  Only super stoked, can you tell?

We were in Munich, Germany, first.  This was some beautiful graffiti at Kunstpark Ost – where they also had a really rad market on weekends:

Then Mike tried his hand at it, on my back (he’s amazingly artistically inclined):

We goofed off a bit on rainy days 🙂

Impromptu visit to Ibiza, Spain, for a quick 15 days…
(amazing weather, amazing water, amazing times w/ great ppl) :

Over to Budapest, Hungary:

Ending our trip in Berlin, Germany.  This was after we traipsed Love Parade– not sure what time it was, but a great time it was, that’s for sure!  : )

Yea, mainly pics of me which I don’t do on the regular, I will add other more scenic ones as I get them loaded – there are some other really awesome/funny/great ones!

Spotted!: (Or striped..)

Feeding frenzy….

While this cub, as well as the other few I had the chance to play with, may be cute and cuddly sweet-looking, they were nothing but killers on the inside.  My friends and I were warned of the potential dangers of the lil ones sneaking up and attacking our neck from behind; yikes!  They’re quite strong and definitely dangerous – nothing as I had imagined them to be while watching tv..  :*)  I’m very glad I got this opportunity to ride an airboat, watch our “tourguide” snatch a gator from the water with his bare hands, and to be able to appreciate these creatures for what they really are: beautiful and wild.

Spotted!: Nerdcamp

Learning how to make a WordPress blog at the WordPress workshop in San Francisco!

Spotted!: Way over SoBe

Before beach:

After beach:

Spotted!: Looking back…

Miami-bound, the sunset begged a picture..

Spotted!: Driving The Getaway Boat

(and yes, with some well-calculated maneuvers, we did escape… the impending thunderstorm!)

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