Purple Pathway



Spotted!: Out with Lolita

Some random pics captured while biking : )

Bike. Crack.

Most recently, I have obtained a bicycle : )  I shall not disclose the “how” part, but rest assured no one was hurt in the process.  In dire need of an outfit change, I quickly found a color to better suit her.  It’s such fun having one again!  I’ll say the only dangerous part is that I have almost clothes-lined myself (twice in one day!) by the rack on the trunk.. gotta get used to it being there!  Consider me hooked.  (Oh, and the helmet?  unfortunately it was too small for me, but super cute lol!)

Duck!– it’s an orchid :)

Stopped by my parent’s house as the sun was beginning to set, I saw the purple orchid from a year prior who was in full bloom once again!  Gorgeous, and it led to this fast phone photo shoot of her and a few neighboring naturals  (the tree was the tree we climbed in our childhood, many fond memories w/ it).

Peep the present

Peep the past