T for Terror, T for Threat.


With this type of “forward” movement, we will indeed need to “Make America Great Again.”



As a parent, there are a few things I wonder about (well, more than just a “few,” but I will limit myself).

With all the social media hype that exists in today’s world, it is only natural to share photos of your most intimate moments as soon as possible, right?  To some, this is “natural.”  I see it more as an invasion of privacy… which is why I’m ok with sharing those moments with those who are either experiencing them with me, or with those who ask about it, privately.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned.

Maybe it’s because I have a little girl.


Imagine this:
you are a child, growing up in your world of love, magic, make-believe and wonder. Your
parents are constantly taking photos of you, taking photos of themselves with you, and always staring down at the small object in their hands.  As you get older, you learn that it is a “phone,” and you can see pictures and videos of yourself -awesome!  and that it also plays music -oh joy! and let’s not even get started on the games….

Later still, when you learn more about the internet, that ‘thing’ people are always on and using, you decide to Google your name, you know, for fun.

All of a sudden, your entire life shows up… from the picture of your mother, half-naked in her hospital gown the day she gave birth to you, to your entire baby and childhood, where your parents post funny (and embarrassing) photos of you.. Pictures, videos, comments, people: you name it, it’s there staring you in the face and available for the world.

Your.  Personal.  life.

It is at this exact moment that I wonder what a child will feel.


As you may realize, this is the first generation of this type of behavior, and the babies in this position are not yet old enough to know the extent of “Googling.”  As we all know, what goes up online is permanent somewhere.  Will they be appreciative?  Will they feel betrayed?  Exposed?  Violated?  Happy that their life has been chronicled on the world wide web?

If we as parents do not instill in our child the value and importance of privacy, and that they have the right to it, who will?

I know plenty of people (friends, family and public people) who share their child’s photos, videos, and other information online, and I do not mean to offend them (sorrynotsorry): we are all doing our best- and that certainly encompasses a wide range.  I do know that I have enough to worry about with her (have you seen the news, with the sicko who was …), so I err on the side of caution vs anything of hers falling into the wrong hands, or her learning that photos and instant gratification postings are online popularity contests, or that she should share everything about herself online.  She deserves her innocence.

We do not yet know what the fate of Flower Girl BW
the social media networks will be as we grow older, or what type of effect or repercussions they will have on our lives… or just how dynamic the world ahead will be-  it’s all such new ground we are treading on.  As an “old-fashioned, protective mama bear,” I choose to limit my daughter’s exposure in that sense… and when she is old enough to join the hype, then it will be her decision, because she will be old enough to know more than a helpless child does.  Our job for now is to protect, love, and serve (hot’n’healthy meals).  I privately share personal things with those I trust, and who take the moment to ask.


Those moments..

You ever been in one of those “omg, that’s nasty!” moments that you wish someone else would clean that sh*t up?  If not, then I dunno what to tell you, and you can stop reading now.  I’ve been there, and guess what I’ve learned?  All those times I “left it,” it was majorly my mom who cleaned it up -whether it was a pet’s poop, dirty laundry, dirty dishes, whatever…


Being a mom meow, I will ask you to do one simple thing:  Mother’s Day is coming, and if someone you know and love has always cleaned sh*t up when you ‘didn’t wanna’….  honor them.  If you have or had an amazing mother, think of her now, before a hurried last-minute gift is necessary, because whether good or bad, you are here because of her.  Whether good or bad, she did her best.  Do I now understand just how much mothers are underappreciated?  Absolutely.  Just because the saying goes “it’s a thankless job,” does not mean she should not be thanked…  and where actions speak louder than words, the best gift is a helping hand.


When you have the talent, and the right complements to that talent, amazing things are born.. the haters?  Ignored by default.

Intro & Outro

Boring post (as in ‘no pictures to accompany the link’ –I may add one later when I find one suitable)
I have to LOL at this article that one of my old roomies shared, bc I found I actually relate to these things lol  : )

27 Problems Only Introverts will Understand

That’s Rad!

Here is the exact part of Germany that I hail from, and this is such a cute short vid to show it off a little bit (from a real-life person’s view)

On Second Glance

So often it is easy to see things from one perspective: our own.

From a different angle, we unveil a whole new aspect; Bo has no idea he has complete heterochromia, he can only see the world in the way he was given: through his own eyes.  As a more aware observer, the world should be viewed in more than one aspect than simply our own, and we should always embrace (even if we do not necessarily accept) a different perspective.

PS: my computer is down for the count; as I look into a new one, I will post more once I have it..  Hopefully by week’s end I will be back up and running (can’t wait!) Thanks for your patience, sorry for the absence : )

true that

3-1 approaches: there are a few things i have come to realize, if not more.

we will never be where others want us, or doing what they want, or be able to make them [all] happy all the time.  the more we attempt to do so, the more we will lose ourselves and consequently the less happy (and more stressed) we will be.  Lucille Ball was quoted as saying “love yourself first and everything else falls into place.”  when we love ourselves first, only then will we be putting that energy out to be returned for us and to us.  we should be accepting of others, forgiving of their potential mistakes or wrongdoings..  simply let things be as they are -and accept that.  the less judgement we have of others and the way they live their [own] lives, the freer we will be to make sure we are doing what we want with our own.

the moment i find my mind wandering into possible judgement of the older woman with the weird tattoo on the back of her leg, or the mother who is teaching her young daughter that other people should bend over backwards to serve her, i catch myself: that woman may have gotten the tattoo in memory of a lost loved one, and the mother with her daughter is simply doing her best; i will never know the truth about them if i simply judge.  i myself have been judged (many call me weird.  weird! lol), but i have also learned that if you go about life with a truly open mind, it not only allows you to let go of the pressure that would potentially cause anger at someone, but it allows space for you to evaluate the most important person you should know: yourself.  when you create space between judgement of other people, their lives, their appearance, etc, you can truly get to know yourself better.  we are all on some kind of journey, and none of us are in any position to judge another..  once i clear my head of judgement, i find myself able to sincerely ask the woman about her tattoo, or to set an example of humanity and compassion to the mother and her young daughter simply by being genuine and kind to her, regardless of how i view her parenting style.

we will never know what another person is thinking.  the more we can love and accept ourselves, the more honestly and clearly we ourselves will be able to speak and communicate with others, which in turn will allow them to show their true side to you.  love can be found, lies uncovered, true intentions brought to light, even if the another attempts to hide it.  you will find those who respect you, support you, who truly love you, who want to see you smile and shine, as long as you are true to yourself.  –actually, they will find you.

i’d like to think that i am older and wiser, and perhaps i am, but there is still so much more to learn!  i know that in another couple of years (or less) i will look back much as i do now, and think “sheesh, i was so young and stupid,” so i am accepting the fact that while i may be wiser than i was when i turned 21, i still have quite a-ways to go in the wisdom division –giving myself credit where credit is due.

what matters most is loving yourself.  when we are strong and brave enough to love ourselves, the rest does actually fall into place.  it’s a very calm, serene place…  it opens a space that will allow the world to bring to you what you truly need (not necessarily only what you may want).  be gentle, be soft, be forgiving and loving of yourself, and always be able to laugh at yourself : )  it takes strength, courage, and tolerance.

try it for even just one moment: stop what you are doing.  take a deep breath, and let go.  What do you feel?

“It is great and beautiful, to be happy from the little things”  – Jeremias Gotthelf

time to ring in another good new year : )

ps – if “no one is perfect,” wouldn’t it also be true that we then are all perfect?..

Lost in the Lotto Lab

“Either there are no illusions or everything is an illusion, and given that we are pretty much all delusional, you might as well choose your delusion.”  –Beau Lotto

Beau on CNN Health: The Power of Perceptions

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