No Idea…

… Ay, I’m only beginning to “get it!”- with only one, I can halfway understand where she is coming from:

Love that she has the ability to raise these children, make these ridiculously hilarious parodies, and gets the support she needs through it all ¬† ūüôā

…and the housework… ! ¬†lol! *making note: no pets

and and and. ¬†This woman is enviable ūüôā ¬†…. one more –and so many more I won’t post… but check her out! :

Those moments..

You ever been in one of those “omg,¬†that’s nasty!” moments that you wish someone else would clean that sh*t up? ¬†If not, then I dunno what to tell you, and you can stop reading now. ¬†I’ve been there, and guess what I’ve learned? ¬†All those times I “left it,” it was majorly my mom who cleaned it up -whether it was a pet’s poop, dirty laundry, dirty dishes, whatever…


Being a mom meow, I will ask you to do one simple thing: ¬†Mother’s Day is coming, and if someone you know and love has always cleaned sh*t up when you ‘didn’t wanna’…. ¬†honor them. ¬†If you have or had an amazing mother, think of her now,¬†before a hurried last-minute gift is necessary, because whether good or bad, you are here because of her. ¬†Whether good or bad, she did her best. ¬†Do I now understand just how much mothers are underappreciated? ¬†Absolutely. ¬†Just because the saying goes “it’s a thankless job,” does not mean she should not be thanked… ¬†and where actions speak louder than words, the best gift is a helping hand.

Cats!: Q-tip, kitty cottonball

Q-tip Q-tip

Peep the present

Peep the past