It’s been way too long!  Here’s  lil “Sister” cat enjoying the lazy FL weather

Cats!: Q-tip, kitty cottonball

Q-tip Q-tip

Cats!: Hidin’ out… lyin’ low..

On Second Glance

So often it is easy to see things from one perspective: our own.

From a different angle, we unveil a whole new aspect; Bo has no idea he has complete heterochromia, he can only see the world in the way he was given: through his own eyes.  As a more aware observer, the world should be viewed in more than one aspect than simply our own, and we should always embrace (even if we do not necessarily accept) a different perspective.

PS: my computer is down for the count; as I look into a new one, I will post more once I have it..  Hopefully by week’s end I will be back up and running (can’t wait!) Thanks for your patience, sorry for the absence : )

Cats!: NeyNey & BayBay

Yes, they have weird names; unsure of the origin of BayBay (or auntie Bay), NeyNey because her little meows sound like a horse neighing (no joke).  Here they are, again c/o my brother, BayBay leading :

Cats!: All in a day’s work…

Here are the ‘rents cats:  The killers making home that much sweeter….

Peep the present

Peep the past