Spotted!: Falling into FLA

Ok, so it has been a minute (or 2…) since my last post, apologies for the mia status : )  It will be this way for another bit – at least until school is over for this semester.

Meanwhile, skydive no. 2 took place last weekend at Skydive Palatka, and it was even more of a blast than the first time (although the two should really not be compared).  I was fortunate in many ways, as I was able to go with my good friend Kristin again, and this time my other half joined too.  Jumping with friends is really the most best!  After our minute-long free fall, during which my attention was promptly directed to the horizon, we 3 (6, including our tandems) all met up mid-air again for the chute down.  It was nothing short of amazing, and I didn’t realize just how wide the smile on my face was.  Below, Kristin & Cathy on their mean machines… because let’s face it, girls just wanna have fun.


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