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Merry Jain


Breakout and have some fun!

(On a computer, not a phone)

Go to Google.

Type in “Atari Breakout.”

Click Images.

I reached Honey:





The Blondie Lords

Current blogging music is inspired in part this evening by Blondie and Lords of Acid.  Couldn’t pick just one LOA song to link, so I’ve added a few (btw, they go from non-offensive to not suitable for little ones… in that order).

Lords of Acid

LOA – Am I Sexy?

LOA – Stripper

LOA – The Power is Mine

LOA – Gimme Gimme







Blondie Blondie – Good Boys


The xx

current music:

great artist to relax to.

The xx


Walking with my fiancé


Melrod Designs

Now OPEN for business:

So my good friend Melanie does this really awesome thing with her art.  She first began doodling around with some images and has most recently mushroomed into her very own card business on  Now alongside her job, she is doing something she really enjoys : )  Very excited for her, and it couldn’t have happened to a better person!  I got one of her very first originals in the mail for my birthday, and loved it.. then was randomly surprised with another when she created the official ones!   I would love to share her talent with everyone:We have such fun when we hang out, as evidenced by the image of us in this post (this was us celebrating her birthday, 8o’s style!), and I’m very fortunate to be able to call her a good friend.  If you need a card, I encourage you to visit her store on – she has great cards for any occasion, you can also contact her if you may have a special request, they ship quickly and are packaged quite handsomely.  Thank you for your support, and feel free to share with friends! : )

Here she is on

and you can also

her on Facebook.


It’s been a while since I last posted: here is what 31 looks like!
Forging onward through summer class and lab, raising funds for a non-profit, working with my team, hanging with my guy, working when possible, keeping my parents in check, making time with my roomie, keeping up with friends….  it’s been a crazy few weeks, apologies for the lack of posts, I will be back to it just as soon as possible (I miss it!).  This was a fun shoot done with a few friends as the sun was setting (natural light is unbeatable)   : )

Hair: Josh Stamulis of stamulisM – Mindy Stamulis Studio
Makeup & Photography: Suzie Braverman of SuzieB Photography 

Burned-out Smiled

As I finished finals, I am burned-out, but smiling.  Here is an artist that came across my way, Berndnaut Smilde, a cloud-creator, rainbow-maker of the real-ist kind (click the pic):

Be sure to check out the “installation” that was done in Ireland (should be #11 under his works category); I love it for being in two places at one time…. “spaces that exist to be in between” : )

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