Walking with my fiancé


Bike Jax

On a particularly nice summer evening, my boyfriend offered to take me on a short but scenic bike tour of Jacksonville.  Here, you can enjoy it without the sweat that went into it (peddling up tall bridges is not exactly something I’ve done on a daily lol!), the quality is a tad below my liking, but so it is:


It’s been a while since I last posted: here is what 31 looks like!
Forging onward through summer class and lab, raising funds for a non-profit, working with my team, hanging with my guy, working when possible, keeping my parents in check, making time with my roomie, keeping up with friends….  it’s been a crazy few weeks, apologies for the lack of posts, I will be back to it just as soon as possible (I miss it!).  This was a fun shoot done with a few friends as the sun was setting (natural light is unbeatable)   : )

Hair: Josh Stamulis of stamulisM – Mindy Stamulis Studio
Makeup & Photography: Suzie Braverman of SuzieB Photography 

Cats!: Bo : )

Bo, mascot of the stamulisM Studio (voted “Best of” salon two times and counting) in Jacksonville, FL
Beautiful creature, nothing short of a miniature albino panther with multi-colored eyes:


And what world would be complete without some joshin’ ’round?

I give you Josh:

Kind-hearted, driven, funny, talented, this marathon runner is about to have my hair in his capable hands as he learns from the best at Paul Mitchell.  The above photo was impeccably timed and snapped by as he went back from finishing this half-marathon (apprx 10mi) to encourage his sister and her friend to cross the line.  This was after only 4 hrs of sleep and waking up at 5am (yeEsh… talk about willpower)! – They finished : )  Below, credit for the original photo I cannot take, but credit for the edit, I can; in action:


Peep the present

Peep the past