Cats! All work

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Cats!: Stalker!



Cats!: Bo : )

Bo, mascot of the stamulisM Studio (voted “Best of” salon two times and counting) in Jacksonville, FL
Beautiful creature, nothing short of a miniature albino panther with multi-colored eyes:

Cats!: Uh, Waiter?

… …there appears to be a cat hair… or two… in my water…

Cats!: Oh Sister

She strikes again, with her super cute goofiness (through the window):

She is often called “Sister” as she is the sister of my brother’s kitty, Ney Ney : )

Where there is a dog in the pool…

..surely there is a cat on the screen (shananigans at my brother’s house lol) :

Cats!: ‘Carlet

Scarlet, my friend Tara’s kitty:

Cats!: Nitty

Always apprehensive to walk by this cat; he’s quite unpredi-cat-able at (what I like to consider) showing “affection”…  which is more like an angry swipe w/ the paw + claws if he feels like it.

Perhaps he’s still upset at me for petting him one day while he was peacefully napping on a chair..?  Anyhow, here’s him, c/o my brother (since he’d probably hunt me for taking any pics of him!) :

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