But seriously, chill.

I found this article from the Business Insider quite interesting, because let’s face it, we can all use a bit more relaxation:





I’ve been Housed

Found this lil gem of a mix on Spotify.com  .. if you enjoy deep house, you may also enjoy this mix..  : )

mixed 002
You can visit Onethirty Recordings on Facebook, or peep into Atnarko’s info (or both!)

One Moment, One Breath

I found this shared by a friend, and has always been on my “list of things to try.”  

As summer classes are underway already keeping me quite busy, I’m sure this will be quite helpful in the coming weeks while I attempt to balance everything else going on around : )

Christmas in FL

A relaxing little shindig my friend had this past Christmas : )


FL summer is upon us….  so til classes & work resume next week, I will do some of this (in the sun, of course!) along with administrative duties : )


(High volume recommended!)


Such a soothing voice, and beautiful song…  : )

Café au lait V.1

Current chill blogging music comes from this album mixed by DJ River
(and fully, freely downloadable – just click the image above)

Take a sample..:

Simple Serenity

Bubblebath…..  is there anything better than one lit by candles with good background music?

(1) Clean Bathtub
(1) Lighter
Hot water
Candles of various favorite scents
Bubble Bath (shampoo works well too)

If you really wanna go wild, add some great background tunes (recommended!) and an iced coffee or glass of wine 🙂  btw guys, this is a really simple treat for your lady….. and one that will be very much appreciated (for best results: stay out of sight and sound –but not too far that you don’t hear if she needs something like a towel or a tune switch)

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