A while back, I may have posted a link along the lines of some silly quiz to take… but I know it wasn’t this one:

What Is Your True Color Aura?

And then this:

Blank Canvas


That’s Rad!

Here is the exact part of Germany that I hail from, and this is such a cute short vid to show it off a little bit (from a real-life person’s view)

This is Syrias

War with Syria?…

–Was my initial reaction.  Then:


*if you can watch all three, then enjoy.
*if you only have time for one, watch the second one w/ Bill Maher.
*if you are really pressed for time, watch the first one w/ Gob and get a giggle.

I had to tell someone!

Lonliness Illustrated

Very interesting short video by Shimi Cohen regarding human social nature : )

Do you know what you look like?

In this very intriguing “study,” a few women were asked what they thought they looked like.  The rest is just amazing:

Longer, happier, healthier life? Yes please : )

Sorry for the volume level, don’t let this thing blast you out of your seat!

(If you are in real hurry, FF to at least 4:30 to catch some really stunning information)

The perfect mix, everytime.


A light show here in downtown on the KRESS building..  I caught it w/ my phone, it was really pretty cool : )

Click here to watch the vid:  3D Light Projection  (and yes, Mel, that was you chiming in with your “where are you?” text lol!)

What 51% brings to the table

(in this case, who 51% brings… lol! — too funny)

They see me Rollin’…

(It was only after I watched this and laughed hysterically that I realized the front door was open.  GOOD!  the neighbors could use a good laugh…….)  😉

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