Thirty ?

I came across this article on the Business Insider written by a 30yr old, but is something to which we can all relate.  Click the image or link to read on:

Bart Simpson


Current music:  Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

This song reminds me of so many things…..(in this order):

-Prepping for Love Parade in Berlin; both years I went: with my mom’s friend and with my best friend stateside
-Walking down the hallway of the Social in downtown Orlando
-Arriving to visit my friend in NY
-Dancing down the safe, quiet allies of Munich
-Barhopping through the streets of rainy SF
-Driving through the well-lit tunnels of Munich & Hungary – each leading to their own amazing & unique destinations.
-Dancing through dark Barcelona alleyways, finding a Picasso museum to wander thru
Playing hookie in the Ibiza airport on the baggage cart w/ my best friend, almost missing our flight back to Germany… we got evil eyes for that one when we boarded the plane lol!

Love the adventures this video reminds me of, and also of their value; they are priceless… and looking forward to many many more : )

Excel (and not the Microsoft kind)

I’ve realized something just now: I breathe to excel, not to compete.  After all, if you simply excel in your endeavors, it is only the others who will be competing.. not you.

I now understand why it is that I never really had a huge competitive nature: because the only one I care to compete with is my own self.  I have no need to compete with others, because how can I judge myself to be better or worse than someone else?  Well, I choose not to judge on that level.. I am only human, and it is by choice that I do not hold myself above or below anyone, but simply want to do the best.. for my own sake.

When I ran track (back in high school), I never attempted to “compete” with other runners, but rather to beat my own time.  I never really enjoyed the competitive side of it, but since that was a part of being on the team, I did it. It did feel nice to have beaten a few when in the home stretch, as they thought they could overtake me, but it was myself I wanted to prove to that I could push harder, go further, faster.  That is the healthy part of the competition; it helps you realize that you really CAN go farther, do more, faster, and be stronger .

: )  Realizing this and thinking back on that, it makes me smile.  It also gives me confidence to know I can.

Peep the present

Peep the past