Under the Sea

On my quest hopping from thrift store to thrift store in search of Halloween gear, I came across this guy.  It brought a smile to my face, as he was my scuba instructor many years back 🙂  He moved his store location, and I never really did know where he went, and then this!  It always was quite difficult to miss his huge red truck driving around.  Very interesting fellow who loves his 2 corgis, he was a great teacher, and he definitely knows his stuff.  I highly recommend him if you are looking to get certified (in this area, anyways).  Oh, and I haven’t mentioned his name because I simply cannot recall it – although I never really could when I was in class either, I defaulted to calling him Scuba Steve…

I have to laugh a bit and recount a story while in his class so maybe you can giggle a bit as well:

At the point where we were ready to begin practicing in the pool with gear, we had to get weighted up (literally adding weights in your suit for buoyancy purposes…).  The tanks are not light.  I was all geared up and ready, save for one small adjustment on my fin…. and in my attempt to make it, I toppled onto my back –and couldn’t get up.  Surely you’ve seen a turtle stuck on it’s back?  While some of the other members of the group got a good laugh, one of them did eventually help me up!  Important lesson learned….!  : D

Click here (or the image) to visit the Scuba Diversions site


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