Copenhagen: tteo Dr. P

Rome: The Spanish Steps

Spotted!: Way over SoBe

Before beach:

After beach:


A friend of mine once had a cat he would sometimes call Mom.  Never will forget the way he’d look at me when taking his photo, it was kind of like this:

Spotted!: Looking back…

Miami-bound, the sunset begged a picture..

Spotted!: Driving The Getaway Boat

(and yes, with some well-calculated maneuvers, we did escape… the impending thunderstorm!)

Chi town throw down

In Chicago visiting family friends one year, it was a blast 🙂  They are awesome people, and such a hoot!  They certainly knew how to throw a New Years party!

I even had the great pleasure of playing in snow (albeit small amount) for the first time in ages and ages:

We ended with a Wisconsin breakfast:

I dated Blockhead

Always well dressed, I never could get over all his sharp edges (not to mention the chicken-head…)

Girls just wanna have fun, duh! :)

Some just stick.

Some friends come and go.  This one is a keeper – from the day I met him in college (and referred to him as that “Jesus” kid for running around in his sandals wearing a hand-made wooden cross on a leather strap around his neck, recruiting me to the youth group meetings at his church), to present-day married to an amazing woman and currently living in Hawai’i.  Thanks Al (& Jen!) for your welcoming ways, and permanent smiles you always offer 🙂  You are both always in my heart ❤

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