Recently saw this pop up on a friend’s Facebook post.  Wonderful message, and as “mere humans,” it is really nice to see this displayed as a reminder of how pure life and love should be.  If this is ultimately what we would want, then we must be able to put it out there from within ourselves – we get what we give, we reep what we sow;  Clear the slate from the possible past wrongs, keep the wisdom gained from them, and put the best part of your heart forward.

Good friends, good times

Wow, this was dug out of the archives for sure:  This is for Jeremiah and his reflective silver spacesuit & never-ending energy, Kareem with his fuzzy visor, Josh who hardly spoke, and the random guy on the end, also for Sab and Andrew, who I never in a million expected to see there.  We were kids on the playground of life, all with love in our hearts (hence why we are all still friends to this day, 11 yrs later), and now?…  well, we are supposed to be grown-ups, no?  Are we?..  We’ve found something, if not adulthood (lol) – few of us back to school, while others are engaged, preacher, and not sure what became of the random guy on the end.

Here’s to good times with great ppl – it’s fun to reflect on them both 🙂

Spotted!: (Or striped..)

Feeding frenzy….

While this cub, as well as the other few I had the chance to play with, may be cute and cuddly sweet-looking, they were nothing but killers on the inside.  My friends and I were warned of the potential dangers of the lil ones sneaking up and attacking our neck from behind; yikes!  They’re quite strong and definitely dangerous – nothing as I had imagined them to be while watching tv..  :*)  I’m very glad I got this opportunity to ride an airboat, watch our “tourguide” snatch a gator from the water with his bare hands, and to be able to appreciate these creatures for what they really are: beautiful and wild.


This is posted in the garden of a Thai temple located in Tampa, FL; I appreciated the reminder
(Click on the pic to visit their site and get more details)

Lama Love (& wisdom)

More fundamental than religion is our basic human spirituality. We have a basic human disposition towards love, kindness and affection, irrespective of whether we have a religious framework or not. When we nurture this most basic human resource – when we set about cultivating those basic inner values which we all appreciate in others, then we start to live spiritually.  -Dalai Lama

Should you want more from the Dalai Lama, click here

This pic was taken at a Thai temple in Tampa, FL, that I recently got the chance to visit – beautiful temple & grounds, not to mention delicious Thai food at their Sunday market!  : 9  Recommended for anyone in the area.

(click the pic to visit their site)

Excel (and not the Microsoft kind)

I’ve realized something just now: I breathe to excel, not to compete.  After all, if you simply excel in your endeavors, it is only the others who will be competing.. not you.

I now understand why it is that I never really had a huge competitive nature: because the only one I care to compete with is my own self.  I have no need to compete with others, because how can I judge myself to be better or worse than someone else?  Well, I choose not to judge on that level.. I am only human, and it is by choice that I do not hold myself above or below anyone, but simply want to do the best.. for my own sake.

When I ran track (back in high school), I never attempted to “compete” with other runners, but rather to beat my own time.  I never really enjoyed the competitive side of it, but since that was a part of being on the team, I did it. It did feel nice to have beaten a few when in the home stretch, as they thought they could overtake me, but it was myself I wanted to prove to that I could push harder, go further, faster.  That is the healthy part of the competition; it helps you realize that you really CAN go farther, do more, faster, and be stronger .

: )  Realizing this and thinking back on that, it makes me smile.  It also gives me confidence to know I can.


it just keeps going.  What a trip.. more than simply transparent, sharing it’s boundaries seemlessly and endlessly; illustrated perfectly by the single-boundary Möbius strip.

Show me the Money

We will sometimes have a job we don’t particularly like.  We will sometimes have employers who aren’t particularly caring about us as an individual (but perhaps have their own selfish motives for why they hired us in the first place?).  We will more than likely usually be paid less than what we are worth – as if that could be put in monetary standards anyway.

In order to truly get paid what you think you are worth, you’ve got to a) have the courage to make the realization that you ARE worth more, and equally as important b) create the change that will take you where you want to go.

I’ve had potential employers listen to me as I (proudly!) listed my qualifications for a specific position, all while being completely disrespectful of me not only as a person, but a potential employee (allowing current employees to come in to ask questions, conducting business as if a normal work day was not to interrupt the short interview process, one simply bc they thought I was good “eye candy” – absolutely unprofessional, but I didn’t know much better at the time).

Never be a prisoner to your current position; take a job if you absolutely must, but never allow someone to pay you just enough so you (think you) cannot follow your true worth and what is truly important (and necessary) to you as an individual.  NEVER allow someone that power over you: you are the only one who can give that power to someone….  but do not allow yourself to be governed by it.

This is certain: you can best enjoy your work if you enjoy the person you are doing it for.. but the end goal is to never work another day in your life, once you find what it is you love to do.

Go for it.

“Be self-reliant and your success is assured.”
(Assuming you are striving for success on any level)
~ Author Unknown

Fell, in SF

Taken by a friend :*)

Holly Golightly

I simply love Audrey (doesn’t hurt that she was also a Taurus sign like me lol)

This clip is too cute – and the movie even cuter 🙂  I wasn’t introduced to this movie until only a few years ago – and awWw I’m only sorry it took me so long to see what all the hype was about!  Reminds me of when I had a duckling back in high school..  we took up by the lake one day, I raised him for a bit, and his name was simply “Ducky.”

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