Excel (and not the Microsoft kind)

I’ve realized something just now: I breathe to excel, not to compete.  After all, if you simply excel in your endeavors, it is only the others who will be competing.. not you.

I now understand why it is that I never really had a huge competitive nature: because the only one I care to compete with is my own self.  I have no need to compete with others, because how can I judge myself to be better or worse than someone else?  Well, I choose not to judge on that level.. I am only human, and it is by choice that I do not hold myself above or below anyone, but simply want to do the best.. for my own sake.

When I ran track (back in high school), I never attempted to “compete” with other runners, but rather to beat my own time.  I never really enjoyed the competitive side of it, but since that was a part of being on the team, I did it. It did feel nice to have beaten a few when in the home stretch, as they thought they could overtake me, but it was myself I wanted to prove to that I could push harder, go further, faster.  That is the healthy part of the competition; it helps you realize that you really CAN go farther, do more, faster, and be stronger .

: )  Realizing this and thinking back on that, it makes me smile.  It also gives me confidence to know I can.

Peep the present

Peep the past