it just keeps going.  What a trip.. more than simply transparent, sharing it’s boundaries seemlessly and endlessly; illustrated perfectly by the single-boundary Möbius strip.

Show me the Money

We will sometimes have a job we don’t particularly like.  We will sometimes have employers who aren’t particularly caring about us as an individual (but perhaps have their own selfish motives for why they hired us in the first place?).  We will more than likely usually be paid less than what we are worth – as if that could be put in monetary standards anyway.

In order to truly get paid what you think you are worth, you’ve got to a) have the courage to make the realization that you ARE worth more, and equally as important b) create the change that will take you where you want to go.

I’ve had potential employers listen to me as I (proudly!) listed my qualifications for a specific position, all while being completely disrespectful of me not only as a person, but a potential employee (allowing current employees to come in to ask questions, conducting business as if a normal work day was not to interrupt the short interview process, one simply bc they thought I was good “eye candy” – absolutely unprofessional, but I didn’t know much better at the time).

Never be a prisoner to your current position; take a job if you absolutely must, but never allow someone to pay you just enough so you (think you) cannot follow your true worth and what is truly important (and necessary) to you as an individual.  NEVER allow someone that power over you: you are the only one who can give that power to someone….  but do not allow yourself to be governed by it.

This is certain: you can best enjoy your work if you enjoy the person you are doing it for.. but the end goal is to never work another day in your life, once you find what it is you love to do.

Go for it.

“Be self-reliant and your success is assured.”
(Assuming you are striving for success on any level)
~ Author Unknown

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