Hookah bar downtown with Kristin one night yielded these:

One cute e-card



This was another option I tried for Halloween (peacock) makeup.  Ultimately ended up using acrylic paint as eyeshadow (ladies: I do not necessarily condone this, however, that said: it endured the course of the wild night, colors were 10-fold more intense than shadow, and didn’t cause my friend and I any problems –just keep it out of the eye, duh*).


We finally re-did a shoot w/ our costumes..  click >>here<< to see the rest

Too cute!

Pandas like snow! – Who knew?  *^^*
Click here to watch video, or click on him below:

Demetri Martin. Person.


if you enjoy laughing, definitely check this one out

Spotted: world mappin’ w/ Mishi

Traveled with my best friend Mike for  an amazing 6 weeks in Europe quite a few years back to visit my fam.  Here are some (very) quick highlights..

Here we are at the Orlando International Airport, waving our goodbyes – I still couldn’t believe someone I actually knew was going to see the rest of my fam, and experience Europe for the first time!  Only super stoked, can you tell?

We were in Munich, Germany, first.  This was some beautiful graffiti at Kunstpark Ost – where they also had a really rad market on weekends:

Then Mike tried his hand at it, on my back (he’s amazingly artistically inclined):

We goofed off a bit on rainy days 🙂

Impromptu visit to Ibiza, Spain, for a quick 15 days…
(amazing weather, amazing water, amazing times w/ great ppl) :

Over to Budapest, Hungary:

Ending our trip in Berlin, Germany.  This was after we traipsed Love Parade– not sure what time it was, but a great time it was, that’s for sure!  : )

Yea, mainly pics of me which I don’t do on the regular, I will add other more scenic ones as I get them loaded – there are some other really awesome/funny/great ones!

Lake Monroe Sunset

Power vs Force

The first thing I have to say about this book is that you have to be ready for it.

I had it for a few years before I could actually read it all the way through.  Sound funny?  Yea, even I realize it kinda does..  Well, I attempted it a few times but it just wasn’t my time to “get” it; it will let you know when you should read it!  It is excellently written, and intensely intriguing.  I heard a friend of mine speak of it in conversation one day while visiting in Sanibel (his father is a Kinesiologist -this really piqued my interest) so I made a mental note of it -soon after which I purchased it.  Then it sat upon my shelf for quite some time.

As the title implies, it is the idea of Power vs Force – and the actual difference between the two; supported by his knowledge as a psychiatrist,  Dr. Hawkins (MD!) uses theoretical concepts from particle physics, nonlinear dynamics, and chaos theory to support his study of human behavior.  Like I said, it’s something you have to be ready for : )

It is a very powerful read, it will take some time to digest, and it can change your life.

I will be re-reading it soon after I finish Intimations of Infinity (but that’s a post for later time!).  I cannot begin to explain more about it, but I do encourage for you to check into it and find out more, and to simply see if it would be something of interest to you (click the image!).  As I come back around to it, I will make another post with more comments, etc.

(As you will come to find, I highly admire Mother Teresa…  needless to say an amazing and inspirational human being.. she commented about this work:

“A beautiful gift of writing… (You) spread joy, love, and compassion through what you write. The fruit of these three is peace, as you know…”

Templeton/Nobel Peace Prize recipient, anointed Blessed Teresa. –Just sayin.)

**On a side note…  and as this cover may beg: are we “defined” by our opposite?..  Do opposites really attract?..  food for further thought.

Wat Mongkolratanaram

Here are a few more images from the Wat Temple my friends and I visited last month, located in Tampa, FL.. : )

The gardens as well as the temple itself; we were allowed to go inside and hear them chanting (very cool.. -I may upload the video at some pt), not to mention it was beautiful.  Not too sure what the sign says that is on the tree (it may say “Restrooms” for all I can read… kudos to anyone who can enlighten me!)  : )

Love (in lotion)

“Even more important than the warmth and affection we receive, is the warmth and affection we give. It is by giving warmth and affection, by having a genuine sense of concern for others, in other words through compassion, that we gain the conditions for genuine happiness. More important than being loved, therefore, is to love.”

-Dalai Lama

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