o to be wrong.

you never really realize how good it feels to be wrong sometimes.  I was reminded of this unexpectedly by a good friend this past weekend..  We are exactly where we are intended to be, at any given moment -going through whatever we are presented with, at any given moment 🙂

let go of the things you “think” to be absolute and concrete; things are constantly changing and evolving, as anyone who knows this Earth & what it’s made of (on the most molecular level!) can tell you:  we are composed of energy, and what we choose to do with that is exactly that: our choice.

Enjoy life: please be honest, please love responsibly, please be careful with other’s hearts, and most of all:
please realize – we are all only human.

Everyday, you have it all.

Minden nap, mikor reggel kinyitod a szemed és sorba veszed, mi mindened van neked, akkor megérted az életed ajándékait.
Ha megkérdezed önmagadtól ennek tudatban, hogy igazából itt és most mire van szükséged, rájössz, hogy semmire, mert mindened megvan.
Minden a tiéd, mert minden te magad vagy.
Csak fel kell ismerned, minden lehetőség benned rejlik. Minden élet neked adatott: hát élj vele!
Lásd meg magadban szíved erejét, szereteted nagyságát, fényed teljességét!



Everyday, every morning, when you open your eyes and realize everything that you do have, then you really realize the gift that life truly is.
If you ask yourself really what it is that you are lacking, you will realize that you need nothing, because you actually already have it all.
You have everything; everything is within you: it is you.
You simply have to make the realization that it is all within you.  All of life is given to you: live [with] it!
See within yourself the strength of your own heart, the enormity of your love, the completeness of your own light!

Peep the present

Peep the past