Recently saw this pop up on a friend’s Facebook post.  Wonderful message, and as “mere humans,” it is really nice to see this displayed as a reminder of how pure life and love should be.  If this is ultimately what we would want, then we must be able to put it out there from within ourselves – we get what we give, we reep what we sow;  Clear the slate from the possible past wrongs, keep the wisdom gained from them, and put the best part of your heart forward.

Good friends, good times

Wow, this was dug out of the archives for sure:  This is for Jeremiah and his reflective silver spacesuit & never-ending energy, Kareem with his fuzzy visor, Josh who hardly spoke, and the random guy on the end, also for Sab and Andrew, who I never in a million expected to see there.  We were kids on the playground of life, all with love in our hearts (hence why we are all still friends to this day, 11 yrs later), and now?…  well, we are supposed to be grown-ups, no?  Are we?..  We’ve found something, if not adulthood (lol) – few of us back to school, while others are engaged, preacher, and not sure what became of the random guy on the end.

Here’s to good times with great ppl – it’s fun to reflect on them both 🙂

Peep the present

Peep the past