Ayn Rand

I’ve read two of Ms. Rand’s books so far, and I have a few more on my shelf that I will get to at some point.  The two I read are two of her most notorious:  The Fountainhead & Atlas Shrugged.  Really enjoyed these two novels, as they were riveting, thought-provoking, and just wonderful to devour.  She was an enormous believer in [her] philosophy of Objectivism.

She very much enjoys delving into page-long descriptions, hence why some of her novels are as huge as they are..?  some of which I admittedly omitted, although not detrimental to grasping the main theme and enjoying the novels.

Click the following to read more about this author, and about her works (they do a much better job than I ever could in giving more info):
The Ayn Rand Institute

She was a very interesting individual indeed, and definitely inspired me to go after my dreams.

The first read of hers to enter my hands was The Fountainhead.  I found someone else who blogged about nothing but reads, and they did a pretty good job of describing the book.. click the image to the right:



Afterwards, I read Atlas Shrugged..  another amazing novel.  Highly recommend it as well – click the image to go to the website.

Face the Music

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Shorts: Don’t wear em!

This is a Hungarian ad for doing the census online….  where it’s “never a bad time:”

Shorts: Wear em.

Shorts: V-dub meets Islam

Shorts: Sa-oodeez in Ah-oodeez



Goldfrapp is delish.  Gotta love.

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