Robot Talk

(Spotted @ Robowars CA, 2010)

Key to Life

Loved the message of the above picture; it is one that I took of wall-pasted posters for the movie Coraline, before I even realized it was for that 🙂

Peek the trailer for it below:

Me, only smaller


Dr. Suess

Found myself on his site for some reason, and found some really cute pieces done by him  (I didn’t realize he did more than just The Cat in The Hat…) –
take a look at the inventory avail for purchase (for a seemingly pretty penny):  🙂

If this…

… then just don’t (that^).

Must-have coupon.

Please print and have with you at all times in case of emergency:


I purchased this little gem of a bag in S. Korea from a super-cute art/stationary store called Artbox.  Click the pic 🙂

“You here yet?”

“Yep – just pulled in!”

Peep the present

Peep the past