Eclipse on Winter Solstice 12.21.10

Back in December, we had the fortune of seeing an eclipse of the moon here in FL, and it was beautiful– much more so than my little camera could muster to capture, but here are some of the pics from it (with the aid of a massive telescope and my steady hand…)

Hoar takes on Taco Bell – and wins

I saw  this a while ago as I was in downtown…  just had to wait to build a blog to share it.  Should have commissioned Hoar, it perhaps would have been done a long time ago!

Yes, Really.

For all of your auto needs, you need only visit your local Ho’s.

Love is no doormat. Or is it?

(I found “Love is Free” in Santa Monica, CA.. and that love IS in fact a doormat, here in Orlando)

The Buzz on Ribbiting

There was a 2nd photo-frog subject, but he ended up jumping right onto the camera – a lil too close for a close-up shot : )(Guess he didn’t want to end up on FB or a blog somewhere..)

Sunset Vs Moonrise..

…and the winner is anyone who gets to see & feel it happening

The sun was setting on one side and to my surprise, the moon was coming up on the other.  It was a double dose of serenity.

A calm St. Johns

Sometimes nature tells you

End Ramp, Begin Rainbow

I saw both ends of this rainbow:

Stop Narcissus?

Sign says..

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