My Outlook? Nature, naturally.

Here is the view from my “backyard” on a sunny day (it’s essentially my back porch, which backs up to a natural spring/park):

The branch on the bottom right hand corner of the above image is where this dude decided to devour his latest catch:

I love being this close and personal with nature..  He’s one of the locals here who I spot ever so often.  I’m still waiting for the chance to get a good shot of the large resident hoot owl hoo I hear now and again in the evenings, as well as occasionally throughout the days.  I’ve seen him a few times, but never had the chance to s-hoot  🙂

Wise words from the Dalai Lama

Please take a moment to read through these, you will be surprised at how you feel once you have 🙂  Then take another moment -a lifetime, actually- to put them into a real practice….

Leaving aside the perspective of spiritual practice, even in worldly terms, in terms of our enjoying a happy day-to-day existence, the calmer our minds are, the greater our peace of mind will be and the greater will be our ability to enjoy a happy and joyful life.

The nature of the mind is such that if certain mental qualities are developed on a sound basis, they not only remain, but they also increase. In fact, once properly developed, the mind’s good qualities eventually increase indefinitely. Therefore spiritual practice brings us long-term happiness and inner strength.

The compassion we feel normally is biased and mixed with attachment. Genuine compassion flows towards all living beings, particularly your enemies. If I try to develop compassion towards my enemy, it may not benefit him directly, he may not even be aware of it. But it will immediately benefit me by calming my mind. On the other hand, if I dwell on how awful everything is, I immediately lose my peace of mind.

In daily practice, reflect on the benefits of love, compassion and kindness, then reflect on the disadvantages of anger. Such continuous contemplation, the growing appreciation of love, has the effect of reducing our inclination towards hatred and increasing our respect for love. By this means even anger can be diminished.

Under certain circumstances, you may need to take steps to counteract someone else’s wrongdoing, but it’s better to do so without anger. That will be more effective, because when your mind is overwhelmed by a disturbing emotion like anger, the action you take may not be appropriate.

Let us cultivate love and compassion, both of which give life true meaning. This is the religion I preach. It is simple. Its temple is the heart. Its teaching is love and compassion. Its moral values are loving and respecting others, whoever they may be. Whether one is a lay person or a monastic, we have no other option if we wish to survive in this world.

It is clear that feelings of love, affection, closeness and compassion bring happiness. I believe that every one of us has the means to be happy, to access the warm and compassionate states of mind that bring happiness. In fact, it is one of my fundamental beliefs that not only do we inherently possess the potential for compassion, but I believe that the basic or underlying nature of human beings is gentleness.

I pulled these from his page, please click >here< for more – for this isn’t even a morsel of D’ Lama’s wisdom…

The DB 3 Posse

IMG_3067 copy.jpgHere are the 3 of us on the balcony of our room in Daytona goofing off, as we did best : )  In the first one, my friend is silhouetted by lightning in the background, creating that blue color behind him – it was awesome


These images were captured off the coast of Daytona Beach one night..  Only imagine that when there was no lightning striking, the ocean was pitch black.  Our friend got a great shot of 2 of us “striking” a pose while the lightning lit up the sky…  many thanks for that shot : )


Smart Women

Put together a quick photoshoot in a friend’s room in LBC that she was gracious enough to let me stay in while she was in NY.. 🙂  Kudos to her for these props!

Blue, Blue Spring

Monterey, Pebble Beach, & Carmel

The lone Cypress, 18th hole, and the Carmel Piper..

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I had the pleasure of seeing some amazing creatures here…  here is just a nibble of what I saw:

B&P in B&W

A few years ago a friend and I were on a playground w/ her nephew, and these photos resulted : )

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