That time, on the river




We may think we are pretty cool…. and we are.  Consider further how amazing life is that plants take in only water and sun energy and create the stuff we need to breathe (to live).  Now that’s even more amazing 🙂

Welcomed Distraction



Birds of a Feather

Bird of Paradise


Tooling in the Garden


Happy (Alp-y) April!

This just in from my hometown of Bad Reichenhall, Germany:  snow in April for Easter!

Before any butchering of the pronunciation commences, please copy and paste the city name into Google Translate and take a listen (it’s really not a “Bad” as it appears!)  : )

As I sat on the 80*+ patio and received these pictures, I realized how fortunate I am to be sweltering rather than shoveling!  Beautiful photos, and they definitely make me long for long hikes through the mountains, the crisp forest air, the beauty of the magnificent & towering “Schlafende Hexe” (the mountain pictured), and the people who are dear to me who live there.  It’d definitely be difficult to find an easter egg in that snow!

Morning Magic

Not only are spiders not afraid of heights, but how they build amazing webs in seemingly mid-air is far beyond me, not to mention their patience.  Furthermore, the elements their webs are capable of withstanding is something only Mother Nature could design..  this little guy is about the size of my thumbnail, and about 15′ up in his beautiful (& perfectly constructed) web.  “Cool” seems like an understatement.

The Buzz on Ribbiting

There was a 2nd photo-frog subject, but he ended up jumping right onto the camera – a lil too close for a close-up shot : )(Guess he didn’t want to end up on FB or a blog somewhere..)

Peep the present

Peep the past