Death Becomes Her


Well damn.

That movie, years ago… with those two women, who were they again?..  oh, right,  Goldie Hawn and  Meryl Streep.  The title never really made sense to me..

’til now.

Lk Minn July 2011 copy

Leave it to you to clarify something from my past.  Leave it to you to make death seem easy and beautiful, and like a most magical place, the beauty and song you brought to the lives we live.   You made life beautiful, and why not continue it to the beyond?  It’s who you are.  Your utterance of “I can’t believe this is happening” is one that will remain with me always, because who could believe what was happening?…

I was told by someone much wiser than I that “death is the most intimate thing you can ever experience with someone.”
Really wish I didn’t have to learn that.

Instead of the lame speech I gave when I was unexpectedly called on to give about our experience in diving the sky towards the Earth as mortals, I would much rather have spoken about your electrifying  and immortal soul, your amazingingly captivating spirit, your ability to make anyone shine; your true beauty.. the beauty you showed us (yet again) after you left us.

You captivated us even after death..
..who does that?..

IMG_7750 copy 4:25:15

This is a tribute to one of the most amazing women I have ever known, a true inspiration to live as if you are dying and to relish every moment and make the most of what we are given here in what we may consider the “be all end all.”

Kristree copy.JPG

Maybe that end smile was your way of telling us not to take life so seriously?  We love you, and miss the shit out of you.

IMG_3305 copy

Infinite thanks to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL and the amazingly loving JCPenney work family for allowing me the years I had with this amazing girl.



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