Becoming AI


Yesterday, May 7, 2020, Elon Musk explained a few things that are about to revolutionize our brains to correct ailments in our bodies from Alzheimer’s to epilepsy, to stupidity (literally), in the next year or two.

Oh, and to telepathically interact with others – but that’s a little later, in roughly ten years.

Two hours is a long time IF you aren’t bored, but once you dive into this amount of intelligence, it is painfully difficult to stop listening and taking in all that his genius robotic mind has to offer for us in our lifetime.

Only watch if you are prepared to scrape your mouth off the floor and clean your own brain matter off the walls, because this will indeed blow your mind.
Multiple times.

Don’t believe a Word of it!

You need at least four to five hours to play this game:  not because it’s a long game, but because you will find it difficult to stop once you’ve jumped in.

Caveat: hilarity ensues…  (for most, anyways 😀 )


PS: It’s a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.  No, they did not pay me to write and link this!


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