Bike Jax

On a particularly nice summer evening, my boyfriend offered to take me on a short but scenic bike tour of Jacksonville.  Here, you can enjoy it without the sweat that went into it (peddling up tall bridges is not exactly something I’ve done on a daily lol!), the quality is a tad below my liking, but so it is:

FL Magic

Something about this place…  something about this limbo-ing change of season…  : )

A little nature this way comes..

Cats!: Hidin’ out… lyin’ low..

Indeed it’s been awhile, and having a new computer is awesome. Classes have also since resumed and I find that I (surprise!) have less time than I expected.
Nevertheless, I have kept up with posts from other fellow bloggers and found this one quite compelling – so much so, I am sharing : ) Happy blogging & thanks Nandini

Life Just Is

Be Like The Bamboo
Bend but don’t break. Be flexible yet firmly rooted

The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.
~ Japanese Proverb

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