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I had written an intro entry here but truthfully, I deleted it and found the video on YouTube to insert instead 🙂  Love everything about this read, and more women should be like Karen, putting it all out there and saying F-it to those who judge.  She also has a blog which I haven’t explored but I’m sure is good.
Blessedly, I have only one a-hole, and it is located on my body.  I say that now, will update as she gets older lol -Highly recommend this read for any (and all) parents out there 🙂

Crap.  it’s been a little too silent as I wrote this post……..   …….nevermind, the horse just neighed and she’s not screaming: we’re good.




Back to Front

As I sit brainstorming and working in this so-labelled dreary “polar-vortex” weather, I have TEDTalks running in the background.  This one in particular by Stefan Sagmeister steadily gained all of my attention.  Very interesting how he runs his business, and I also enjoy/agree with his view on integrating retirement years into working years.  Click the image below to watch, or listen, and perhaps gain some inspiration as I did.

Stefan Sagmeister

Free Programs

A friend who works with Autodesk recently shared this free download for a program I have yet to explore, dealing with creating 3D models.

Here is the link: or click on the image below if you are interested in this type of thing, and at the top of the page (see the screenshot), there are additional programs that are either free or very inexpensive.



My favorite.

This quiz showed itself in my Facebook newsfeed, and I entertained it.  My results?  Well, they were squirrely to say the least!  If you want to take it, click the image:


JC, Netflix!

Having reached the “end” of Netflix (a la “watching everything interesting that is currently available to stream”), an app was recently brought to my attention that has unlocked countless more movies and shows: hola!  It was a (very) easily downloadable extension for my Chrome browser, and within minutes we were experiencing an entire new world of movies and shows that are available in other countries.  Read a bit more about it on the Business Insider site by clicking this link…  or run and download it right now, no real instructions necessary.

Hola App

That being said, we recently watched Disney’s John Carter, and found it a good source of entertainment for the over-two-hour mark.  It is an interesting mix of the movies Gladiator, Stargate, Avatar, I daresay Mission to Mars (though neither of us have seen it, just ‘Mars’ being in the name of it), and one more that we can’t quite put a finger on.

Disney's John Carter

Snow in the Sunshine State



Star Stuff.

In other words, we might be living in a brane around the event horizon of a collapsed hyperdimensional star that gave birth to the universe.


But seriously, chill.

I found this article from the Business Insider quite interesting, because let’s face it, we can all use a bit more relaxation:


Let’s Face it.

…again, I’m not one to post much about Facebook, but I have a question for and about them:

Why is it that they have not yet created an option to mark your profile as Personal/Social, Business/Professional, or Company (-and treating posts as such, thereby addressing a large majority of their privacy issues)?

Facebook Privacy

I am by no means a social media expert, and unless I am overlooking some major benefit to keeping settings as they are, I would think it would be an obvious option for it’s users.  Maybe it is helping “better” society by holding individuals accountable for their actions? (ha…) …  Also understanding that nothing posted on the internet is ever really private, it would seem to make things much easier for the developers to have one simple button to set these settings, thereby freeing them up to do other things like play ping pong.

Just a thought.

One Moment, One Breath

I found this shared by a friend, and has always been on my “list of things to try.”  

As summer classes are underway already keeping me quite busy, I’m sure this will be quite helpful in the coming weeks while I attempt to balance everything else going on around : )

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