Cats!: ‘Carlet

Scarlet, my friend Tara’s kitty:


Since I’ve been a bit delinquent in sharing flowers …:

8-legged wonders

Cats!: NeyNey & BayBay

Yes, they have weird names; unsure of the origin of BayBay (or auntie Bay), NeyNey because her little meows sound like a horse neighing (no joke).  Here they are, again c/o my brother, BayBay leading :

Cats!: Nitty

Always apprehensive to walk by this cat; he’s quite unpredi-cat-able at (what I like to consider) showing “affection”…  which is more like an angry swipe w/ the paw + claws if he feels like it.

Perhaps he’s still upset at me for petting him one day while he was peacefully napping on a chair..?  Anyhow, here’s him, c/o my brother (since he’d probably hunt me for taking any pics of him!) :

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Orchids or kids

My mom’s orchids:

FL Snowflakes

FL for ya

(the quality isn’t the best, I took these with the phone cam)

Sunset Vs Moonrise..

…and the winner is anyone who gets to see & feel it happening

The sun was setting on one side and to my surprise, the moon was coming up on the other.  It was a double dose of serenity.

A calm St. Johns

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