Here is my “boss” and I (who I have known for the last 10 years or so), on my last day of work at the college prior to Christmas break.  Making the transfer to the University means I have to leave my work-study position with her… bittersweet!!  We’ve definitely had some good times, bad times, interesting times… and everything else that may fall in between – Love this lil lady  🙂

Mum’s the word

My mom makes some of the most incredible edible creations in the kitchen…  mMmm nom nomm..  Here, some cookies she baked for Christmas (there were other shapes as well, but they somehow vanished b4 I was able to photograph em.  oOops).  An amazingly strong woman (with infinite amounts of patience!), she inspires me to go further, learn more, and be more patient with everything really;  she endures.  She makes me laugh my a** off, she drives me crazy, and I couldn’t love her more ❤   Here’s to my mum!

Fooling around w/ the forward-facing cam on my phone a while back yielded the ear-lickin’ pic (lol)-  The other is of her nom nom Christmas cookies b4 they were devoured  🙂

‘nuf said

Peep the present

Peep the past