Happy New Year : )

Happy 2012 everyone!

A very calm new year’s celebration amongst friends..  hoped to make it out to the beach to capture the first sunrise, apparently my dad had other plans – winding up in the ER after a short ambulance ride.  Atypical for him to be overly dramatic, he is fine, simply an OD on the good stuff and a lack of sleep *pHew and sheesh. It brought the family together though (in a rather strange way..), and luckily we were all smiling & laughing about it through our delirium (and even more luckily I had an iced coffee prepped by my friend that night!).

I did manage to catch the new sun rays poking through the trees as I drove home  : )

Cats!: All in a day’s work…

Here are the ‘rents cats:  The killers making home that much sweeter….

Cats!: Skiddles

c/o my brother, here is Skiddy again… enjoying life and showing us once again that it doesn’t take much to be content – in this case, a cardboard box and a sunny day 🙂

Simple Serenity

Bubblebath…..  is there anything better than one lit by candles with good background music?

(1) Clean Bathtub
(1) Lighter
Hot water
Candles of various favorite scents
Bubble Bath (shampoo works well too)

If you really wanna go wild, add some great background tunes (recommended!) and an iced coffee or glass of wine 🙂  btw guys, this is a really simple treat for your lady….. and one that will be very much appreciated (for best results: stay out of sight and sound –but not too far that you don’t hear if she needs something like a towel or a tune switch)

Orchids or kids

My mom’s orchids:

Lana Del Rey

Current blogging music
(check out the rest of her tunes too, she has an amazing voice….)

Thanks for this share Josh!

The Spear Life

An amazingly talented individual, Andrew Spear is within my circle of friends. Love his work, and it can be spotted in a dimly lit bar/lounge all the way to the cover of the Orlando Weekly..

This first pic is of his mural at the Peacock Room in Orlando (b4 I even realized it was his mural, it’s simply awesome), and most recently he drew the cover for this week’s Orlando Weekly remembering “People Who Died:”

Click here to see the Spear Life…

 and here on the FB

The Black Keys

Great music (cleaned to it the other day)

Peep the present

Peep the past