Oh 4, how u floor everything but the pedal

As one of the oldest highway systems constructed in Florida (and the main artery connecting Daytona to Orlando), Interstate-4 (I-4) leads to quite a bit of congestion; this day was particularly bad due to an accident (and my need to get to class?), completely clogging the 2 major arteries that lead toward downtown Orlando.  Usually able to go the back way through to school and avoid 4 altogether, this particular morning proved quite impassable in any direction.  This four lane road is usually virtually car-free and thus care-free; very smooth sailing (kinda realized I was truly in it to my ears when I reached this pt and saw this sight)…:

The traffic on the bridge is i-4, not any better than where I was.  Ick:

Sad.  Unfortunately for us in this wonderful sunny state, there is no possibility of having a subway system since digging at any length yields swamp.  Maybe a gator. But really, there have been numerous (and ongoing?) talks about a railway transportation system to be built, at some time, perhaps, in the near future, or not so near…  the decision limbos on.. and on.  As long as it’s not as bad as LA traffic, we will get along – and until then…  we’ll hang out, sometimes up to our ears in brake lights (additionally for me, up to my EARs in Business Finance –another reason I love the current textbook lol)

*I am not completely sure what caused the accident, but I truly hope all involved are ok. ❤

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  1. KatiesCameraBlog
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 15:22:14

    Nothing to bring you back to the present, like a traffic jam. 🙂 Great post. 🙂



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