It’s that time again…  for the week-long Winter Music Conference in Miami.  This was the first time I went (back in ’09), and it was one of the most fun weeks I’ve ever had.  The weather, the rooftop pool parties, the beach, the sun, the house music, the great vibes, the ocean, the dancing, the friends… from the Versace house on Ocean Drive to Space in downtown,  it just doesn’t get better!   I’ll be fortunate enough to enjoy at least a few days of this always anticipated and exciting event this coming weekend : )

Hey Lucky Lady!

This lady was on the go-go..!  This was the first of two ladybugs that have “stopped by” to visit me in the past couple of weeks : )  The 2nd was in a much bigger hurry, I barely got to say hi before she took off, let alone pause long ‘nuf for a pic.

The Buzz

Chews wisely

(Bag of gummi bears from the Publix supermarket.  Thx Publix!)


Enjoyed this show : )  (maybe because my high school career didn’t include the drugs or promiscuity parts… or any of the other “really” crazy parts lol  it’s more of a vicarious re-living of how many teens spent their time in the modern day, without all the negative side-effects!).  They will not be bringing it back for another season (boOoo), but you can take a look by clicking the images.

Bike. Crack.

Most recently, I have obtained a bicycle : )  I shall not disclose the “how” part, but rest assured no one was hurt in the process.  In dire need of an outfit change, I quickly found a color to better suit her.  It’s such fun having one again!  I’ll say the only dangerous part is that I have almost clothes-lined myself (twice in one day!) by the rack on the trunk.. gotta get used to it being there!  Consider me hooked.  (Oh, and the helmet?  unfortunately it was too small for me, but super cute lol!)

Peep the present

Peep the past