Stop. Drop. and lol!

I can relate…  but I’d rather not.

The perfect mix, everytime.


A light show here in downtown on the KRESS building..  I caught it w/ my phone, it was really pretty cool : )

Click here to watch the vid:  3D Light Projection  (and yes, Mel, that was you chiming in with your “where are you?” text lol!)

“via Mobile”

Hey, Willie!

As my reporter friend Chandler shared on Facebook, this is one story that is filed under “NEWS THAT SOUNDS FAKE : The City of Austin makes a “Tokin'” gesture on 4/20 by unveiling a statue of Willie Nelson.”

(Say Willie, that wouldn’t happen to be an active volcano behind you sir, would it?)

Click Willie to find out more : )

Burned-out Smiled

As I finished finals, I am burned-out, but smiling.  Here is an artist that came across my way, Berndnaut Smilde, a cloud-creator, rainbow-maker of the real-ist kind (click the pic):

Be sure to check out the “installation” that was done in Ireland (should be #11 under his works category); I love it for being in two places at one time…. “spaces that exist to be in between” : )

Eyes watching you…

Where there is rain

… they say there is a rainbow


New Smyrna Beach : )


College “Knight” at Islands of Adventure..  my favorite amusement park.  Brought a good friend of mine who had never been : )  We had a blast!

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